Let me start by saying I have very high IQ, I have web searched "free IQ test no virus" and taken IQ test and guess what? I have very high IQ. I would guess that my IQ is in the high 120s which if you did the research yourself you would realize this is very high IQ, so I don't want to hear from anybody telling me I don't understand science, I understand science well enough to know I don't like, science to me is just cowardice, I'm not intimidated by the mysteries of the universe. Anyways, basically, simply put, what I'm trying to say is I'm not totally sure space exists, we always hear about the cosmos, guys like Neal Grass Tyson love to ramble on about the wonderful cosmos but have you ever seen them? Think about it, I don't think you've ever thought about it because if you had you'd be questions the reality of space as I am, right now, not later but now. Anyways simply put I'm not Neil Armstrong, you think I am? Well too bad, I'm not, I've never been in a spaceship, I drive a mazda 3, not a spaceship, think I drive a spaceship? well you're wrong idiot, I drive a Mazda 3 I just told you, simply put I've never been in a spaceship that is leaving the earth's surface so how can I be sure there's anything beyond the sky? I can't be

Who is this man?

Any pictures or videos you've seen of space, rovers, moon rocks, things like that, I can't be sure they're real, you can't be either, don't lie to me. 

This classic scene of "HanCock"

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